Seminar on human microbiota analysis

The goal of seminar was to provide opportunity for researchers of the FTM and wider scientific audience to extend their knowledge in human microbiota analysis through lectures and reports on selected scientific results given by researchers from Maastricht University and Radboud University Medical Center. Seminar had high impact since it was attended by scientists beyond project consortium and by representatives of Serbian companies within sectors of food and cosmetic industry. Also, seminar gave good foundation for defining content of future trainings of researchers of the FTM in Netherlands within TwinPrebioEnz.

Section dedicated to gut microbiota analysis comprised lectures from scientists of Maastricht University. Prof. Koen Venema gave online lecture on importance of gut bacteria composition and abundance for maintenance of human health. Prof. Kahlile Youssef Abboud described dynamic in vitro model for analysis of effects of different compounds on gut microbiota composition applied in The Centre for Healthy Eating & Food Innovation in Campus Venlo, as well as recent scientific results of their research team obtained using this model.

Within section dedicated to skin microbiota analysis, Prof. Ellen van den Bogaard gave initial lecture on the basics of skin microbiota and their relevance for health and disease and then lecture on skin microbiome models used in Laboratory for Experimental Dermatology at Radboud University Medical Center and functional implications of applications of different models. Ph.D. student Luca Meesters described 3D organotypic skin models for studying skin biology and diseases and presented recent results obtained by RadboudUmc research team.