Chemical processes catalyzed by enzymes (CPE)

Department of Biocatalysis

The Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP)

About Us

The group of chemical processes catalyzed by enzymes has extensive experience in the field of studying materials with different characteristics for their activation and use in the development of different immobilized derivatives of biomacromolecules to later be used in different processes/uses of interest.

The work of the group has been focused in the development of many tools on a multidisciplinary and rational way in order to have different solutions for the very different challenges that can arise when trying to convert an enzymatic process of possible industrial interest into an industry scaled process. This is mainly performed by developing different immobilization and stabilization methods that has allowed the tailor-made activation of supports and their use for purification and directed immobilization and rigidification of different biomacromolecules. This permitted the oriented immobilization of Antibodies or DNA probes for the development of different biosensors for the detection of different antigens, disease markers or other compounds of interest. This has also allowed the development of bioaffinity columns based on immobilized biomolecules for the purification of compounds of interest (drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, etc).


1. Material Chemistry:

 – Supports characterization 

– Activation with different functional groups 

– New heterofunctional activations 

– Development of tailor-made supports for protein immobilization or purification.

2. Immobilization of biomacromolecules (enzymes, antibodies, DNA probes, etc):

– Development of new immobilization methods 

– Immobilization on solid materials. 

– Development of new protocols. 

– CLEAs 

– Chemical modification of enzymes

– Post-immobilization techniques

3. Applied biocatalysis and chemical processes:

– Optimization of biocatalyzed processes 

– Development of industrial catalysts

4. Polymer chemistry:

– Polymer activation 

– Modification of proteins

– Cross-linking

5. Bioafinity:

– Development of biosensors based on Antibodies, enzyme or DNA probes immobilization for the detection of different biomarkers (cancer and other diseases) or interesting products.

– Development of bioaffinity chromatography Systems… purification of enzymes and drugs.


Prof. Dr. Cesar Mateo, Head of the group, e-mail: