Bacterial biotechnology Group (BIOBACT)

Department of Technological Processing and Biotechnology

The Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN)

About Us

The BIOBACT group focuses its research, using functional genomics-based approaches and biotechnological processes, on the generation of quality knowledge that is useful for identifying and developing bacteria, enzymes and metabolites for the improvement of food production processes or microbial activity in the gastrointestinal tract.


The research in bacterial biotechnology contributes, by the use of functional genomics and biotechnological processes, to generate quality knowledge useful for the identification and the development of bacterial strains, enzymes, and metabolites to improve the food elaboration processes or the microbial functionality in hosting organisms.


  • Identification, characterisation, and genetic improvement of bacteria present in food 
  • Identification, characterisation, production and improvement of enzymes with technological interest
  • Development of biochemical and molecular methods for the detection of relevant bacterial traits
  • Systems Biology studies aimed at improving the functionality of bacteria in food processes and host-microbial interactions.


Prof. Dr. Rosario Muñoz, Head of the group, e-mail: 

Prof. Dr. Blanca de las Rivas, e-mail: