Seminar on enzyme modification and structural characterization of oligosaccharides in the field of enzymatically derived prebiotics

Purpose of seminar was to inform scientists of the FTM and wider scientific audience about research topics covered by project team of CSIC by presentation of their selected results. Seminar was envisaged as first step of establishment of sustainable collaboration between two institutions and opportunity to define content of future scientific trainings of young scientists from the FTM in Madrid and research topics of short-term scientific exchanges (STSE) between institutions within project TwinPrebioEnz.

Prof. Blanca de las Rivas gave thorough insight into research of Bacterial biotechnology Group of The Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC) in production, characterization and genetic modification of bacterial enzymes with prospective industrial application. Focus was on genetically modified bacterial enzymes of special interest for TwinPrebioEnz, because they can be used for synthesis or modification of prebiotics.

Prof. Jose Palomo and prof. Cesar Mateo presented research of Chemical Biology and Biocatalysis Group (CBB) and Group for Chemical Processes Catalyzed by Enzymes (CPCE) of Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC). Prof. Palomo gave detailed elaboration on different approaches and mechanisms of chemical modifications of enzymes and presented the most interesting findings obtained by CSIC researchers. Prof. Mateo gave lecture on different techniques and methods applied to improve enzyme activity and stability by immobilization and presented the most interesting results obtained in synthesis of prebiotics.

Prof. Javier Moreno and prof. Antonia Montilla presented research of Chemistry and functionality of carbohydrates and derivatives (PREBIOIN) group of The Institute of Research in Food Science (CIAL-CSIC) in the field of enzymatic production and characterization of non-digestible carbohydrates with prebiotic potential. Focus was on their experience in production and characterization of prebiotic oligosaccharides by enzymatic hydrolysis of plant raw material or transglycosylation.

Ph.D. student Ana Vukoičić (FTM) presented results of her research on enzymatic synthesis of flavonoid oligomers, with special focus on joint research with CSIC on immobilization of laccase on nanocarriers performed during short term scientific mission within COST action.

Seminar had significant impact and gathered lots of attendance beyond project consortium. As a part of seminar poster section was organized to provide opportunity for researchers within TwinPrebioEnz project, but also for other research groups of the FTM, to present their results and make initial contacts for future collaboration.