Training 2

Trainings of FTM’s staff in the field of novel prebiotics and enzyme engineering and immobilization techniques!

Our researchers had a fruitful stay in Madrid, Spain during September and October 2023!

Dr. Milica Simović and MSc Milica Veljković attended the seminar Curso prebióticos: Últimos avances en su Obtención, análisis y Evaluación de la Bioactividad organized by CIAL-CSIS (September 25-29, 2023).

Dr. Milica Simović, Dr. Marija Ćorović, MSc Milica Veljković and MSc Anja Petrov Ivanković visited CIAL-CSIC where they worked on the research regarding structural characterization of novel prebiotics in the laboratory of Dr. Javier Moreno and Dr. Antonia Montilla with the help of PhD student Paula López Revenga.

Our senior and young researchers, Dr. Milica Simović, Dr. Ana Milivojević, Dr. Katarina Banjanac, MSc Milica Veljković and MSc Ana Vukoičić attended the training at ICTAN-CSIC organized by Dr. Blanca de las Rivas Gonzáles del Rey on the topic of gene cloning, production and purification of proteins and DNK extraction (October 2-6, 2023).

Dr. Katarina Banjanac spent one month in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Cesar Mateo at ICP-CSIC where she was working on the immobilization of xylanase on agarose-based supports and magnetic nanoparticles with PhD student Leandro Alves dos Santos.

Dr. Ana Milivojević and MSc Ana Vukoičić spent two weeks in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Jose Miguel Palomo at ICP-CSIC where they worked on the preparation and use of artificial metalloenzymes with the help of PhD students Carla García-Sanz and Clara Ortega-Nieto.