Training 1

Trainings of FTM’s stuff in field of human microbiota analysis started in May 2023!

Ph. D. students Milica Veljković and Ana Bačić had 5-week stay in Gut Microbiology lab of the Centre for Healthy Eating & Food Innovation at Maastricht University – campus Venlo and obtained training in gut microbiota analysis, with special focus on its application to determine activity of potential prebiotics.

Ph. D. students Anja Petrov Ivanković and Ana Vukoičić had 5-week stay in Laboratory for Experimental Dermatology at the Department of Dermatology of Radboud university medical center and obtained training in skin microbiota analysis and preparation and analysis of callus model of human skin.

Trainings were also used to initiate joint research, since prebiotic activities of samples of fructo-oligosaccharides obtained by research team of the FTM were analyzed at Maastricht University, while at Radboudumc analyses of skin prebiotic activity and aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) activity of various herbal extracts obtained at FTM were performed.

Within this period one-week visits of Dr. Marija Ćorović and Dr. Ana Milivojević to Radboudumc, Dr. Milica Simović to Campus Venlo and Prof. Bezbradica to both institutions were organized to plan future activities with Dutch teams.