Conference ICBEB-YS

The PrIntPrEnzy and TwinPrebioEnz projects have successfully organized the International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering for Young Scientists – ICBEB-YS Hotel Golden Tulip Zira in Belgrade (7-8 of December 2023). The two-day conference program was consisted of 6 invited lectures, 26 oral and 81 poster presentations held by international participants from Serbia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Croatia and North Macedonia within six main program sessions (Biotechnology Applications in Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnological Production and Assessment of Bioactive Compounds, Enzyme Engineering and Immobilization, Environmental Biotechnology, Bio-based products and Industrial Biotechnology, Functional Food and Feed). The young conference presenters raised a number of important questions in the field of Biotechnology and Bioengineering and shared their knowledge – the new findings and trends in this field to a young scientists and students in the audience. Also, the main goal of enabling the sustainable network establishment within the new generation of scientists was reached having more than 100 young scientists ‘participation during the conference.

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First day 7th December 20023, Belgrade Serbia, Hotel Golden Tulip Zira

Opening ceremony

At opening ceremony, Prof. Dr. Dejan Bezbradica, coordinator of the PrIntPrEnzy and TwinPrebioEnz projects, and Prof. Dr. Mirjana Kijevčanin, Vice Dean for Science and Doctoral Studies at FTM, gave speeches.

On the first day in the scope of the section named “Biotechnology Applications in Biomedical Sciences” (Chairs: Ellen H. van den Bogaard and Patrick Zeeuwen from RadboudUMC, The Netherlands), the invited speaker Prof. Dr. Ellen H. van den Bogaard gave excellent lecture about aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling in health and disease. Afterwards, the oral presentations was also performed by TwinPrebioEnz project participants from RadboudUMC such as young researchers Noor van Hout and Jaimy Klijnhout, and master student Mona Fayyazi Jolandan.

The second section named “Biotechnological Production and Assessment of Bioactive Compounds” was chaired by senior researchers Patrick Jansen from RadboudUMC and Nevena Luković from FTM, invited speakers were Dr. Alicia C. Bort, Alcalá University, Spain, who talked about Capsaicin’s therapeutic potential in hepatocarcinoma through AMPK activation (Spicy solution), and Dr. Marcus Janschel, Fraunhofer IAP Center, Germany, who give lecture about customized LNPs for targeted transfection. The oral presentation was performed by TwinPrebioEnz project participant from FTM young researcher Anja Petrov Ivanković.

The third section named “Enzyme Engineering and Immobilization” chaired by Prof. Dr. Jose Migel Palomo and Prof. dr. Cesar Mateo from ICP-CSIC, Madrid, Spain, the invited speaker senior researcher Dr. Noelia Garcia Losada from University of Lisboa, Portugal, held lecture named “Enzyme-metal nanoparticle hybrids for modulating enzyme-like activity and chemoenzymatic cascade processes for sugar building blocks synthesis”. The oral presentation was given by TwinPrebioEnz project participants from FTM senior researcher Katarina Banjanac and young researcher Ana Vukoičić.

Second day 8th  December 20023, Belgrade Serbia, Hotel Golden Tulip Zira

On the second day in the scope of the section named “Environmental Biotechnology”, chaired by Prof. Dr. Maja Đolić from FTM, main topics were: Characterization of emission from the combustion of solid biofuels in the residential heating appliances (Vasilije Matijašević), Removal of critical metals leached from fly ash using naturally derived cellulose-adsorbent (Vanja Lukić), Utilization of fibrous textile wastes for adsorption of Inorganic and organic pollutants from water (Nataša Karić), Chemometric modelling of the adsorption parameters of drug residues from water using modified fly ash as adsorbent (Dušan Trajković).

The second section of the second day was “Bio-based products and industrial biotechnology” which was chaired by Associate Prof. Dr. Mirjana Rajilić-Stojanović from FTM and invited speaker was senior researcher Dr. Maja Marković from ICTMF, Serbia, who presented her research regarding biobased polymer materials as promising tool for efficient drug delivery.

And last section of the Conference named “Functional food and feed” was chaired by Oswaldo Hernández-Hernández from CSIC, Madrid, Spain and invited speaker was Associate Prof.  Dr. Kahlile Youssef Abboud, Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Prof. Dr. Kahille give excellent lecture named “The chemical features of dietary fibers with prebiotic potential – why is it important? Young researcher and participant of TwinPrebioEnz project from FTM Milica Veljković gave oral presentation about nanofiltration as a tool for high-yield purification of dietary oligosaccharides.

Closing ceremony

Prof. Dejan Bezbradica and chair of the ICBEB-YS committee Dr. Milica Simović gave closing remarks. Also, the best poster and oral presentation awards have been given.